Product FAQ

Q: When is the best time to consume VitaRealm® Beauty Drinks?

A: The optimal time to take VitaRealm® Beauty Drinks is in the morning or before sleep. Our body absorbs nutrients more readily in the morning, while at night the natural renewal of our skin cells is stimulated.

Q: Will there be any rebound effect if I stop my consumption of VitaRealm® Beauty Drinks?

A: No. However, as the natural collagen in our body is lost increasingly everyday as we age, we will recommend our customers to continue their consumption for the best rejuvenating effects. Common external factors such as stress and a lack of sleep can take a toll on our skin health as well. 

Q: Can pregnant, nursing mothers, or women on their period consume VitaRealm® Beauty Drinks?

A: Women on their period can consume VitaRealm® Beauty Drinks. However, we will recommend for our customers to consult their healthcare practitioner prior to using the products if they are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.