Good Skincare Routine Habits for Oily Skin

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There is a big handful people in Singapore who suffer from oily skin, all due to our hot and humid climate

Those with oily skin have the tendency to have problems like acne breakouts and makeup that do not last throughout the day. Whether your oily skin is caused by the environment, hormones, makeup or even diet, here are some basic skincare habits that you should practise to keep the shine at bay. Many tend to neglect the importance of this basic steps as they may sound too simple but having a habit of doing them rigorously will show results on the long run.

Below are the daily recommendations which you can follow that may improve your oily skin condition.

Cleansing face twice a day is good for oily skin

We can’t emphasis how important cleansing is. Cleanse your face at least twice a day (1 in the morning and 1 at night). Gel and foam cleansers tend to work well with oily skin, as they will help clean out pores and strip away excess oil. Avoid cleansers that might be too rich for oily skin and might cause more oil build up.

Applying moisturizer is good for oily skin

An important step for oily skin is to apply moisturizer at the beginning and end of the day on a cleansed face. Do not think that oily skins should avoid using moisturizers as create a layer of protection while allowing to keep skin hydration. Furthermore, skin hydration is one of the biggest keys to a youthful complexion. Hence, you can easily select a suitable water-based moisturizer that suits your skin.

Even people with oily skin will need a moisturizer. One of the reasons why sebum glands tend to overproduce oil is due to the lack of water on your skin. A moisturizer contains emollients to help seal in nutrients and water, balancing sebum (your skin’s natural oil) production so you can stay shine free. The best moisturizers for oily skin will properly balance and nourish, find one that is light, water based and non-comedogenic.

 Having a good diet may be good for oily skin

Dieting for perfect skin may also be 1 of the simplest ways to combat oily skin. Food that contains rich antioxidants help to optimize skin by slowing down premature aging damages to cells. Additionally, fruits, vegetables, and fishes create a good and balanced diet to help your body to fight age.

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While religiously keeping to these simple skincare habits to make your oily skin shine free, try adding beauty supplements that also gives your skin a booster. VitaRealm Skin Perfecting Essence is formulated with Skin Perfecting Complex, an optimal blend of botanical extract that is high in antioxidants to help revitalize your skin cells, balance sebum production to liven up your skin with a radiant glow!

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