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Foods to make your skin tone brighter

It’s no secret that many Singaporean women are in pursuit of much fairer and firmer skin. However, juggling work and family can be extremely hectic and tedious at times. Hence, modern women look to nutritional foods that can be easily incorporated into their diet without the hassle of preparing them. Listed below are foods for your easy consumption as well as a topical application to attain that radiant glow.

food choices that makes your skin bright
  • Tomatoes which are popular and delicious can be eaten as fruits or prepared in salads. Additionally, it makes for a great source of vitamins and serves to prevent heart, cancer, and skin issues.
  • Green Tea possesses antioxidants that help to calm acne and various skin conditions. Apart from drinking it daily, there are some whitening remedies that you may find online that can be made with green tea to apply on the skin.
  • Although Garlic has a strong odor which some may find discouraging, it makes for an effective natural remedy for skin treatments. Similar to green tea, it can be used for consumption or application to repair any skin damages. However, it is not advisable for sensitive skin, only if your skin tolerates the remedy well.
  • Kiwi fruit contains high amounts of Vitamin C and E which may help boost immunity.
  • For people who suffer from hair loss, eating Papaya can help promote hair growth. Besides, papaya is extremely delicious on its own or when prepared in mixed salads.
  • Spinach is a type of vegetable with green leaf to prevent acne and anti-aging while being beneficial to skin complexion.


While these foods tend to gradually show results with long-term use, you can always opt for our Vitarealm Beauty Whitening collagen to boost the process. With case studies that have proven great results over 14 days, our drink provides you convenience for daily dietary plans.

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