What is collagen and how it benefits you

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Collagen is a proven secret ingredient for beauty which is consumed by many professional and successful ladies in the world. It is believed to provide many benefits to the skin such as anti-aging, rejuvenate youthfulness and smoothening. Furthermore, the increase in successful case studies of positive effects of collagen has shaped the market with huge growth in related products.


What is collagen, and how can it benefit you?

Collagen is the major component of connective tissues, cartilage, skin, muscles and bones. Therefore, collagen is important as it has much health benefiting functions such as skin repair and building strong bones in your body.

Here are some food choices which can increase collagen absorption, like bone broth, meats, citrus fruits, garlic and egg whites. Additionally, having a good collagen diet can help relieve joint pains along with other additional health benefits.


Here are some ways  how collagen can benefit you:

  1. Rejuvenate skin conditions by reverse skin ageing while increasing fairness and firmness.
  2. Helps to relieve joint pain by repair and maintenance with long term consumption.
  3. Increase and strengthen of bone and muscle mass, creating a better outlook image for consumer.
  4. Maintain heart health with other benefits such as hair, nails and beauty health.


How can you use collagen for your body?

Collagen can be eaten, drank or applied to increase positive stimulation to your body. Thus, you can easily create daily habits by adding collagen products into your daily routine.  However, many uses of collagen out there produce no or minimum effect as our bodies will flush out the collagen.

Which is why you should only buy proven product that yield results like our Vitarealm Beauty Collagen.


Here are various formats of collagen in the market:

  1. Collagen drinks is the current trend that is popular among many as it has seen proven results through consumption within a short amount of time.
  2. Tablet is the most convenient form for carrying this supplement around and requires users to swallow according to instructed amounts.
  3. Powder form collagen is usually packed in a slim sachet that is being mixed and drank with water.
  4. There are also many other topical formats of collagen in the market such as facial mask, injectables, creams and even body wash.


Who should be using collagen products?

Generally, everyone should be using some sort of collagen products for good health benefits. Furthermore, collagen products are reasonably priced for anyone who has just started their working career. Application and consumption of collagen should be well planned instead of redundant wastages.

Hence, we recommend usage of collagen to tackle the right problems that users are facing individually. A good example will be for ladies who are looking for fairer and flawless skin, our Vitarealm Beauty Whitening Collagen drink sees skin whitening changes in as short as 14 days.


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