What ingredients whiten my skin naturally?

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Did you know that in 2018, the sun rays have been the strongest ever measured in Singapore? These high levels of UV rays not only tan people in the direct sun, but also go through fabrics from a sun umbrella and have a tanning effect on people staying in the shade. So what can we do to protect ourselves from the strong Singapore’s sun to remain a bright and fair skin tone? Luckily, research has shown that there are various natural ingredients that are proven for skin whitening.


First things first: collagen, collagen, collagen! Yes, you read right. Skin repair collagen keeps your skin healthy, hydrated, and elastic which is a necessary basis. If your skin is not in good condition, you will not have the defensive forces to break down the tanning effect of the strong sunlight. Also, collagen supplements in Singapore, especially in the form of a collagen drink, have gained overwhelming popularity and recognition during the past 5 years. 

But besides collagen, the miracle cure that actually whitens your skin is the ingredient, Phytofloral. This natural ingredient is derived from a yellow-golden tomato fruit, also known as Crystal Tomatoes. Interestingly, it inhibits melanin production, which is the creation of dark pigments and absorbs UV light. Long story short; this is exactly what stops you from being tanned. Now you know what can naturally whiten your skin to achieve a fair and bright skin basis!

After covering the beauty aspect, let’s talk about poor skin’s health that is caused by daily UV rays. Apart from the tanning effect, the UV rays from the sun create free radicals that cause skin damages (e.g. premature ageing and poor skin conditions).

To prevent the possible skin damages, look out for natural ingredients such as Green Caviar Sea Grapes and Wasabi Leaf. These two ingredients are key to any skin whitening product. In fact, they work hand in hand to fight free radicals and reverse skin damage! Currently, many whitening collagen drinks on the market only contain Phytofloral; which stops the tanning process but does not protect our skin from free radicals. These will still damage the collagen in your skin and cause irritation.

In order to effectively whiten and brighten your skin, you need not less than four natural ingredients:

  1. Collagen

  2. Phytofloral

  3. Green Caviar Sea Grapes

  4. Wasabi Leaf

The last challenge that remains is - Where to get a product that conveniently contains all of the four skin whitening ingredients? Well, you guessed it, VitaRealm Beauty has developed the best collagen drink you can currently find on the market. Not only does it involve the highest quality of natural ingredients such as Phytofloral, Green Caviar Sea Grapes and Wasabi Leaf, VitaRealm Beauty’s skin whitening collagen drink is also supported by 5000MG Marine Collagen Peptides, improving skin elasticity and tightening pores. This makes it undoubtedly one of the best collagen supplements for skin in Singapore. 

Are you suffering from dull, uneven skin tone, or want to achieve a fairer skin tone? Give it a try, and experience the outstanding results of VitaRealm Beauty’s Whitening Collagen Drink.

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