What celebrities swear on collagen?

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In today’s world, many people are convinced by the effect of collagen. Be it for stronger hair, nails, healthier joints, clearer and more elastic skin, or even for weight loss. But who knows it best when it comes to beauty solutions and if they actually work? Of course - celebrities. Hollywood’s stars and starlets need to constantly be in their best shape, and many of them swear on collagen. Let’s have a look at their opinion on collagen supplements.

One of the strongest supporters of collagen is Jennifer Aniston. Well, wasn’t that obvious looking at her flawless, youthful skin? Aniston takes marine collagen peptides every morning. The result? She told the Well&Good Magazine that ever since she started the regular consumption, she can feel how her nails are stronger and healthier. Also on her skin, she really noticed a difference and described it as “a glow”, “a sort of working from the inside-out thing”. 

No surprise that Jennifer Aniston is by far not the only celeb in love with collagen supplements. Just previously, Kris Jenner has been spotted shopping for collagen in an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. She might have been influenced by her daughter Kourtney Kardashian who is known to be a fan of the natural beauty solution too.

Besides consuming collagen supplements, Lady Gaga has found her very own way (as always) to make use of the protein. On Instagram, she shared how she uses a collagen jelly lip mask. According to Gaga, this helps her moisturise her lips as well as plump them naturally - without any help from the beauty doc.

Another supporter of the natural health and beauty solution? Ex-Bond-Girl, Halle Berry, who is also a big DIY fan. The Oscar-winner prepares a homemade bone broth which is high in collagen. She swears on the anti-ageing benefits that come with it!

Besides broth, there are also many collagen smoothie fans in Hollywood. Jennifer Garner and Kate Hudson for instance, love to mix their daily smoothies with collagen powder. Hudson swears by collagen smoothies, she consumes them together with her breakfast for best hydration results.

One more celebrity who advocates for collagen products is the successful model Ashley Graham. She takes collagen peptides to improve her hair, skin, nails, bones and even joints and is obsessed with the results!

In summary, there are various celebrities who have clearly experienced outstanding results from consuming collagen supplements. The question that is left is, what is the best collagen supplement for skin? It all depends on your individual skin concern. There is Whitening Collagen, Skin Repair Collagen or Anti Ageing Collagen, meaning products enhanced with other ingredients for best results. What we can definitely recommend is to look for Marine Collagen Peptides as this form of Collagen is proven to be best absorbed by our bodies. 

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