Ways to protect your skin from ageing

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As most people in the current society focus on the wellbeing of skin complexion, it is unavoidable that people spend big bucks for ways to prevent skin ageing. However, there are still effective and low-cost methods which can prevent your skin from degenerating.


While high-end skincare products or supplements tend to give many the impression that they may be effective due to its high price tag, that doesn’t mean that beauty comes with a steep price. It is important to find the best skincare solution that can be done with either with  little effort or money. In fact, some methods are proven to give results in short term if users discipline themselves to stick to the beauty routine.


What are the causes of bad skin and skin degeneration?

  1. Lack of sleep, sleeping is the key for skin repair as new cells like collagen and elastin regenerate during sleep, boosting and maintain skin suppleness.
  2. Exposure to UV rays, always apply sunscreen if your daily routine requires you to be under the sun actively. Long-term exposing of skin under sun’s ray could damage and darken skin, causing unsightly sun spots and pigmentation.
  3. Drinking too little fluid, water is the essential ingredient for all good health practices. Hence, you should keep hydrated as it helps to repair the bad skin issues.
  4. Smoking, tobacco damages all the good collagen such as elastin and fibre under your skin. Try to stop or decrease the amount of smoking.
  5. Medical Issue, some medicines may be the root cause of producing bad skin, however it is not recommended to stop medication support without doctor’s consent.
  6. Unhealthy food habits like fried and oily food products will impact your skin health. Plan a healthy diet with more fish, fruits and vegetables.


Bad skin issues may lead to the following problems that affect your personal life:

  1. Lack of confidence during face-to-face events.
  2. Looking older than your actual age.
  3. Restless and unhealthy image.


What are the best ways to protect your skin from ageing?

Getting enough sleep and keeping your work with personal life separated is crucial as it gives you time to plan for beauty routines. Additionally,  avoid the bad habits as stated above while practise having a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet and ample fluids consumption.

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