Types of fruit juice for skin brightening

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Achieving fairer and smoother skin is the desire that everyone hopes for as perfect skin make you look more attractive. Products as whitening lotion or cream may contain chemicals that may be not suitable for sensitive skin. Therefore, many people are looking for a way to attain perfect skin through natural products, here is a list of fruit juices that may solve the issue.


Orange Juice is good for lightening dark spots

Fresh Orange Juice to lighten dark spots and whitening

Orange is a common fruit that brings lots of benefits to the body, including building up immunity and harnessing good skin. Due to its high content of vitamin C and A, it is effective for skin brightening effects due to its antioxidant properties. Furthermore, you can easily get natural orange juice from most supermarkets in Singapore.

 Pomegranate juice helps achieve fairer skin

Pomegranate Juice to achieve fairer skin

Pomegranate juice contains a good source of vitamin A and iron which can help attain fairer skin naturally. Additionally, it is suitable for people who have dry and sensitive skin.

 Lemon Juice are filled with antioxidants to help fight aging skin

Lemon Juice to lighten your skin

Lemon juice is filled with loads of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant to prevent skin cell damages. Drinking lemon juice frequently helps with aging skin issues and has the effects of deep cleansing to lighten your skin. If lemon is too sour for your liking, dilute it in water to get similar benefits.


Drink apple juice to attain flawless skin

Apple Juice for flawless skin

As the saying goes “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, drinking apple juice is effective for skin maintenance. Apples are rich in vitamins and minerals and it takes a short time before you notice an improvement in your skin if you drink apple juice daily.

 Watermelon Juice hydrates the skin and may detox your body

Hydrate your skin with watermelon juice

Watermelon juice is beneficial to hydrate dry skin that is caused by acne issues and can make your skin fairer. It is also believed to be able to help detox your body after consuming junk food.


Grape Juice are great for aging skin and can reduce dark skin patches

Grapes juice is great for aging skin

Grapes help to supple and smoothen your skin, regular intake of grape juice is found to be able to reduce dark skin patches.

 Vitarealm Beauty Whitening Collagen is a beauty drink which can help you achieve fairer skin

Vitarealm Beauty Whitening Collagen

Vitarealm Beauty Whitening Collagen is a drink to help you achieve skin whitening effects in as short as 14 days. Our product is made from 10 patented natural ingredients which have can protect you from dull skin tones. By consuming 1 bottle a day, you will be able to see noticeable results after 14 days. Best of all, it is conveniently packed in a small bottle which you can carry to enjoy anywhere. Try now and look forward to saying hello a better you!

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