The many reasons why my skin looks old

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The aging process of our skin is influenced by many internal and external factors. Reasons for premature skin ageing are very complex and vary from individual to individual. However, some things are certain to have a negative effect on our skin appearance. Such key influences are the UV rays we are exposed to, natural aging, daily facial movements, and inevitably, sugar intake.

Sun, sun, sun. You will hear that from every skin care expert when asking about what causes the aging process of your skin - and it is true. The UV rays from the sun break down the elastin in our skin, more concretely: the collagen. Collagen is the protein in our body that keeps our skin firm and taut. So when our skin faces UV rays, the collagen reduces and so does the firmness. Besides that, the sun is also the reason for so-called age spots which are unsightly to many. Therefore, protecting yourself from the sun with sunscreen is crucial to keep a youthful and firm skin appearance.

Another reason for skin that appears old is of course the natural aging. Starting in your mid-20’s, natural collagen starts to decline by about 1-1.7% each year and is not replenished by your body. Consequently, it is even more important to take collagen supplements so as to compensate for the natural decreasing collagen production in our body. 

Facial movements contribute to an older looking skin as well - Humans have 21 facial expressions which will result in fine lines and wrinkles. It is impossible for you to keep a straight face throughout your years of living! Therefore, it is recommended to regularly pamper your skin in smoothing, moisturising and hydrating products to keep fine lines caused by dry skin to a minimum.

Due to natural and environmental factors, our collagen has already been severely depleted. To prevent further depletion, we have to look out for sugar which breaks down the collagen in our body causing premature skin aging. When you flood your body with sugar, it binds with collagen in a process called Glycation and produces Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). These AGEs break down the collagen and elastin in your body leading to sagging and wrinkled skin. In this case, experts refer to sugar-induced skin damages. This means, to achieve younger -looking, elastic skin, we should eat less food that is high in sugar levels or even consume Mangosteen Extract as it reduces the production of AGEs. 

In conclusion, the key reasons why your skin looks old are the exposure to sunlight, natural aging, facial movements and the intake of food that is high in sugar. As a result, it is recommended to protect your skin from the UV rays, replenish collagen by taking collagen supplements and consume less sugar. Check out VitaRealm Beauty’s Anti AGE Essence; We dare to say that it has to be one of the best collagen supplements to achieve a youthful and firmer skin as we have super foods that go beyond just marine collagen peptides!

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