The How-To on Fighting Sugar-Induced Ageing

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Sugar? Yes, please! Are you guilty of succumbing to the sweet temptation of bubble tea, soft drinks or ice cream? Everyone knows that sugar has an impact on one’s waistline, but it is more than just that. Sugar, in its many forms, is damaging to not only our weights, our health but even our faces. Imagine the horror of looking much older than your own age! 30 going on 40? No, thank you.
As you continue indulging in the sugary-sweet guilty pleasures, perhaps it would be wise to think about how to protect your skin from the aging ravages of sugar. Here’s a closer look at the science behind how sugar causes aging…

The Link Between Sugar and Ageing
When sugar enters your bloodstream, it attaches itself to collagen fibres in a process called glycation. This produces advanced glycation end products (also known as AGEs) which cause the collagen fibres to cross-link and lose its elasticity. Collagen is what keeps your skin looking youthful and bouncy. Thus, with the loss of elasticity, the skin loses its volume, giving rise to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Glycation also causes the degradation of collagen. Our skin mainly contains 3 types of collagen. The production of AGEs causes collagen to be degraded to a weaker type, which decreases the skin’s elasticity.

How to Fight Sugar-Induced Ageing
Now that you know how sugar causes ageing, it’s not too late to counter the signs of sugar-induced damages. Here are 3 tips on how you can achieve glowing and youthful skin:

1. Reduce intake of sugar
This is obvious. With lesser sugar in your system, the effects of sugar-induced aging are diminished. The next time you crave for some bubble tea or soft drink, remember “Lesser sugar, lesser wrinkles”, hopefully this will help to tide you
through the temptation of consuming them!

2. Choose healthier cooking methods
AGEs are found in high amounts in food that underwent high heat during certain cooking processes such as frying, grilling or barbequing. Thus, choosing healthier cooking methods that utilise low heat will help to reduce the amount of AGEs present in the body, minimising the effects of sugar-induced skin damages.

3. Take anti-glycation beauty drinks
Anti-glycation beauty drinks are another method to mitigate the damages brought upon your skin by sugar. VitaRealm’s Anti-A.G.E Essence helps fight sugar-induced skin damages namely pigmentation, wrinkles, and sagging skin. A refreshing, fruity, 100% natural beauty drink that can help you achieve glowing and youthful skin in just 14 days! Get yours today at or in Watsons retail outlets!

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