Health benefits of collagen soup

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Article by Vitarealm Beauty Whitening Collagen, your secret to whiter and fairer skin.

Collagen soup is very beneficial for skin

Collagen’s ever-growing popularity in the market for its numerous skin and health benefits has inspired people to make their collagen soup at home. You can easily get your hands on low-cost ingredients from the market to make one. There are many benefits to collagen, and you can read up on it online.

Here are 5 health benefits of collagen soup:

  1. Support and improve firm and plump skin.

Studies have shown that drinking 300ml of collagen soup can increase the production of collagen in the body. Furthermore, it creates hydrating effects to make your facial skin look firm and plump, eliminating wrinkles from forming.

  1. Helps to increase stubborn weight loss.

Collagen is proven to help those with stubborn weight issues. Hence when consumed, you can achieve the best results with fitness training and gain muscle through losing fat faster.

  1. Creates better joint support and bone health.

Studies have deduced improved joint support and bone health when people consume collagen. Hence, athletes can now hope to boost joints and bone protection through drinking collagen soup.

  1. Enhance immune systems.

Drinking collagen soup is believed to offer another line of protective defense for your body. Therefore, it creates a stronger immune system to protect you against illnesses and diseases.

  1. Improve your sleep cycle.

People who are suffering from insomnia may find themselves having a better sleep cycle after being introduced to collagen meals. This is due to the effects of amino acid glycine which regulates our body clock to a lower temperature for better sleep preparation.

How can you make a good collagen soup at home?

A good collagen soup can be made using the bones and joints of chicken, beef, fish, and other choices of meat. Normally, the bones would be first blanched to remove any blood residue, helping to clear off the bad odor and taste from the blood. Then, the bones would be rinsed a second time before being placed into a pot of boiling water for at least an hour.

Upon boiling, season the soup with salt and pepper, or any seasoning of your choice. Once the soup has achieved a delicious flavour, you can add in additional cooked meat and vegetable to complete the meal.

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