CNY Goodies – Friend or Foe?

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Before you pick up that pineapple tart, mind you, this bite-sized read will make you think twice. We aren’t throwing shade at consuming those delectable CNY goodies this year, we just want you to enjoy them like a free soul. What we know – those sweet almond cookies and honey-glazed pineapple tarts look and taste good. What we don’t know – the sugar content in these goodies is the culprit for a process we call a foe – Glycation. In today’s #NewsFlash, we will be talking about sugar in our foods and how they damage our skin prematurely in a process called Glycation.


Meet our Foe – Glycation

It is a natural process in which sugar in our bloodstream attaches to a protein (e.g. collagen), forming harmful new molecules known as Advanced End Products (AGEs). How apt, because these AGEs cause our skin to age! AGEs are allegedly responsible for the degradation of collagen and elastin, causing them to harden and lose elasticity.

Some effects of the glycation process include skin dryness, inflammation, premature aging, wrinkles, hardness of skin, fine lines, sagging and degradation of collagen. Fun fact: While majority of skin aging is caused by sun damage, 20% of skin aging is caused by Glycation.


Verdict: CNY Goodies might prove to be a foe.

This is especially true when we over-indulge in one too many a pineapple tart or love letter. Discipline is not in the question here. Statistics have shown that humans reach out repeatedly for a snack when they enjoy it, for that dopamine rush.

The companion you need to enjoy CNY with – an Anti-Glycation Product

With that said, the VRB team welcomes you to VitaRealm Anti-Age Essence – the beauty elixir you need to prevent skin aging and combat glycation.

This essence contains Youth Revival Complex, a synergistic combination of fruit extracts that help to boost skin rejuvenation and fight sugar-induced skin aging. Restore your skin moisture and suppleness with this beauty elixir today!


Benefits of VitaRealm Anti-Age Essence include

  • Reduce sugar-induced damages
  • Boost skin vitality
  • Reduce collagen degradation
  • Enhance skin elasticity and moisture
  • Minimize wrinkles
  • Improve skin quality


Maintain supple skin with the splendor of fruits!

As mentioned, the uniqueness of this Anti-Age Essence lies in its ability to synergize a multitude of fruit extracts. This beauty essence incorporates mangosteen extract to reduce AGEs production and sugar induced aging. Grapefruit extract reduces photoaging, wrinkles and pigmentation, while rose extract strengthens skin cells and regenerates skin tissues.

It is time for Age Rewind.

Be sure to snag VitaRealm Anti-Age Essence today to gear yourself up for CNY! Find our beauty elixirs here.

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