Alternatives for Fair and Radiant Skin in Singapore

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How to get fairer skin in Singapore

Fair, porcelain skin tends to be most sought after by many Singaporeans, as it is set as an Asian standard of beauty. As the demand for flawless and mochi soft-like skin surged over the years, many are also willing to splurge more to achieve their ideal complexion. We did some light research on what methods are out there to achieve fair skin, and here are some of our recommendations.


What are the common methods to achieve fairer and brighter skin?

  1. Undergoing whitening facial treatments by beauty spas
  2. Taking oral supplements such as Vitarealm Skin Whitening Collagen
  3. Laser treatments by an aesthetic doctor
  4. Whitening skincare products


Are these treatments expensive?

With the recent growing demand for fairer skin, one can expect treatments to vary in pricing. While some skincare brands claim to solve pigmentation issues without burning a hole in your pocket, it may also mean that they may not have enough resources or research to develop something that works in the fastest amount of time.

ON the other hand, lasers may be effective and expensive as they are performed by doctors, the treatment may be painful and require some downtime. Ingestible skincare or beauty supplements tend to be more pocket friendly, and though some might feel that the results are not as prominent as other alternatives, collagen drinks treat the root problem from inside out so you get lesser repercussions from your existing skin issues. Nevertheless, you should plan your skin treatments according to your budget.


Are these treatments effective?

Most of the treatments for whitening in Singapore have proven effects to brighten skin tone. However, all treatments require users to undergo for a certain period of time so as to maintain long-term usage to see the best results.


Which treatments should I start with?

Ideally, the best treatments should start with painless and convenient methods that wouldn’t affect their daily lifestyles. Drinking our Vitarealm Whitening Collagen is a safe, painless, and convenient way to get effective results in 14 days. Concentrated with 10 internationally patent ingredients, the formula effectively controls pigmentation formation, revitalises dull skin and repairs UV damage. For a special time only, we are giving away a box of Skin Perfecting Essence with purchase of Whitening Collagen Beauty Drink, that’s 50% savings! Find out more about our promotion here.

See some of the real results after taking our whitening collagen:
Whitening Results for drinking Vitarealm CollagenDrink Vitarealm Whitening Collagen and see results in 14 days.
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